About Us

Crown Industries was established by a group of people with over 100 years combined experience in manufacturing and marketing.  This enables our company to present products of the right combination of quality, cost, and improved design functions which will increase marketability and profitability for customers.

By working as a strategic partner, Crown Industries will answer the calls from customers who look for support to deal with the everlasting competition in the marketplace by offering them the possibility to get the right products that meet their needs from the original sources. A direct communication between partners from the storefronts to manufacturing sites makes it possible to get the answers much efficiently and economically. This partnership is what Crown industries looks for, works for, and stands for.

Selective distribution strengthens the partnership. Crown industries intends to service our partners with complete and focus devotion to get the answers and supports they ask for. Physical practice of this commitment has already been proven successful and created a strong bond between Crown Industries and its partners. Crown Industries is always striving for the continuous growth and success of this partnership.