Return Policy

Crown Industries hopes that our customers will never need to return any merchandise purchased.  However if it is required, for whatever situation, customer service department will be able to better service customers if the procedure is followed

A.  Defective product return:

  1. Defective product return will only be accepted if it complies with warranty policies.  The warranty policy varies by different product lines.
  2. Before sending back any defective products please send the RMA request form to the customer service department for a return authorization number.  The RMA request form is in Crown Industries’ binder.  You can always call the customer service department for a copy of the form if you can not find it. Please fill out the information required in the form properly.  The customer service person will be able to process the case efficiently if sufficient information is provided.
  3. Customers have the option to ask for a replacement or credit for the defective products.  A credit memo will be sent to the customer if credit is requested.  Replacement will be sent with customers’ very next order or within 48 hours if so requested.
  4. If returning of the claimed defective units is requested by us for testing purposes, please make sure to put the returned authorization number on the boxes for identification.  No return shipment will be accepted without it.
  5. For claims that returning of the products is requested, Credit or replacement will be in effect within 48 hours after the receipt of the returned products.

B.  Stock Returns:

  1. No stock return will be accepted after 120 days from the original invoiced date.
  2. A 20% re-stock charge will be applied for any stock returns.

C.  Damage Claims:

  1. No deduction from payments for any damage claims is allowed before the claimed case is properly processed and a resolution is confirmed.
  2. For any damage occurrence, please contact customer service department immediately for proper resolution.  Please take pictures for evidence whenever it is possible.  Without proper evidence, it will make resolution more difficult.

Customer service department is confident to provide the customers with timely and satisfactory service.  Please feel free to give us any productive suggestions for us to better service you.