CrownFLEX 1-Piece Braided Stainless Steel Connector w/ Angle Stop

Toilet or Faucet Connector Units


Durable 304 Rust Resistant  Stainless Steel Wires Designed for Flexibility

Double Core Tube:  A PVC Core Tube plus a Poly-Braided Inner Shell Provides Longer Service Life

Forged Brass Nuts with Nickel Plating

Full Annular Crimp for Greater Security

Product Description


Part No. Description Box Qty. Carton Qty.
CUSD12T 5/8″ OD Comp Angle Stop x 7/8″ BC 12″ 80
CUSD20LB 5/8″ OD Comp Angle Stop x 1/2″ IPS w Brass nut 20″ 80


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